July 22, 2022 – Mesa, AZ –With inflation at a 40-year high, gas prices at historic levels, a limited supply of herbicides, and farm workers in short supply, growers continue to be hit with ongoing challenges to keep their businesses in operation.

By reducing expensive herbicide use, up to 90%, AgTechLogic is providing the next ‘big thing’ in weed detection and elimination. Their focus is on providing growers with significant savings on their herbicide costs while enabling better efficacy in herbicide application with their Intelligent Precision Spray systems (IPS).

Since launching its Intelligent Precision Spray technology, the Arizona-based company has continued to support the University of Arizona in its independent trials on various crops grown throughout the southwest, testing the technology for its level of efficiency and operational ease.

This IPS technology is completely customizable, which allows growers to integrate the system onto their existing sprayers and other equipment, providing flexible, affordable spraying options. In turn, growers are able to reap immediate savings and gain sustainable, cost-effective solutions to their weed management problems.

Whether it is saving money on inputs or using more effective products to help farmers achieve better weed control and manage herbicide-resistant weeds, AgTechLogic has brought to the table a ‘smart’ way of spraying weeds in the field. “What would have normally taken us 500 gallons to cover, we did it with about 200 gallons.”, stated AgTechLogic customer, Kevin Mittendorf of Armistead Farms, an orange orchard grower in Mesa, AZ.

About Intelligent Precision Spraying

AgTechLogic provides technology to growers with their Intelligent Precision Spraying (IPS). Using advanced WEED-IT sensors, along with AgTechLogic’s custom retrofitting, growers can integrate this solution into their existing equipment and begin to save up to 90% in herbicides and other chemical usage. AgTechLogic’s plant detection technology applies chemicals only to the targeted area. With glyphosate costs up nearly 300% over the past 24 months, and its continued shortages, growers are looking to companies like AgTechLogic to assist in providing sustainable solutions for their businesses.

AgTechLogic sees great potential for their technology in orchards, tree nuts, and row crops.

With the input savings and efficiency of the technology, AgTechLogic believes a system can be paid off within 12-18 months, making their product one of the most affordable intelligent precision spray technologies on the market.

About AgTechLogic

AgTechLogic precision spray technologies are designed to create healthier soil and crops while providing cost-effective options for growers and municipalities to combat weeds, which are currently one of the greatest, negatively impacting factors in soil sustainability. Their current Intelligent Precision Spraying systems utilize the most accurate weed detection and elimination technology available. AgTechLogic provides their services throughout the Southwest.

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