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Natural resources are diminishing daily. So now, more than ever innovation in agriculture is paramount. Our quest for sustainable agriculture is the key solution to impact the food we grow globally. AgTechLogic was created by diverse industry specialists who are committed to creating a holistic and collaborative approach to create healthier soil and healthier crops for farmers.

Friends coming together to make agriculture better by combining a farmer’s point of view with technology to create viable options.  We are here to make an impact by creating sustainable agricultural solutions.

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    Create solutions to change how crops are grown throughout the desert Southwest and beyond.

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Weed Management

Weeds are the #1 cause of financial yield loses for growers, making their proper management critical to success. Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, id the industry’s term to describe how a diverse number of materials and methods can be used to effectively control pests. While the use of herbicides is an important part of IPM, it also has negative impacts on the environment and the farm’s finances. AgTechLogic is partnering with AgriTech America, to fit the WEED-IT sensor technology to different crops grown in the desert Southwest. By adopting this technology into the herbicide spray systems, the farmers will realize substantial savings in the amount of herbicide required to treat every acre. These savings not only minimize the environmental impact of chemicals, but also reduce the overall cost of treatment, greatly expanding the IPM choices available at reduced costs.

AgTech Solutions

The use of data and technology solutions have become more important than ever to help drive decision making. With so many options available it is imperative to get support to select and deploy technology solutions that help to drive toward the goals of each farm. Our team has the experience to build proprietary apps & database solutions for growers that can be designed to give comprehensive data collection and analysis.

Water Conservation

Water is rapidly becoming a limiting factor for desert farming. The exponential population growth experienced in the past 20 years has placed unsustainable demands on the water supply. Desert southwest agriculture is a water crisis, one that nature will not solve with rain. While advancements in irrigation have greatly increased irrigation efficiency, our desert soils remain very dry, and thirsty for water. AgTechLogic is supporting the researchers at the University of Arizona and private environmental firms, to develop an effective soil amendment that will increase the water use efficiency of arid soils, while helping sequester excess carbon from the environment.

Seedling Management

Agriculture is full of little-known techniques, and seed variety management is one of them. Planting the correct variety for the region is critical, the varieties of melon grown in the mild and humid climates of Oregon will not perform well in the hot and dry conditions in Southeast California. It is not uncommon to have hundreds of different varieties being trialed and grown at any time. Managing all this agricultural science is risky and can be a truly dauting task. The AgTechLogic team has partnered with a manufacturing leader to design and build a new seedling growing solution that will minimize risks and greatly reduce the load of managing the data .

Soil Fertility

As the consumer becomes more aware of food safety and quality, the demand for Organic Certified goods increases. However, the increased supply has also created a reduction in the price of goods, requiring farms to be very efficient in their organic production. Unfortunately, certified organic agriculture lacks the benefits of the tremendous amount of research done in qualifying conventional agriculture’s materials. From fertilizers to bio-pesticides, soil amendments to algae extracts, the range of available options in organic ag is staggering, Growers depend on their own expertise, or defer to recommendations made by salesmen with little or no experience in this highly specialized field. AgTechLogic offers a comprehensive line of premium organic fertilizers, soil enhancements and other plant beneficial materials, all designed to bring measurable value to growers, allowing them to retain higher profit margins and lower investments of conventional farming conversions. Our technical team has the specialized knowhow to develop economical and successful recommendations.

Advisory Services

With the many complexities of a growing farm, there may be times where external experience can make a difference in delivering rapid value. AgTechLogic continues to expand its team of professionals that have diverse backgrounds, such as Crop Advisors, Professional Engineers, Technologists, Scientists and more. We can bring a variety of services: certified crop advice, certified organic and sustainable crop production. diverse field services, that include UAS remote sensing and reporting; soil tissue-water sampling and processing for chemical and biological analysis and interpretation; field database building; soil media analysis; lab analysis; business case development and more.

Organic Fertilizers

Comprehensive line of premium organic fertilizers and soil enhancements all designed to bring measurable value to growers, allowing them to retain higher profit margins and lower investments of conventional farming conversions. Signature blends created to positively impact specific crops and will be designed to function in diverse geographic and environmental conditions. Soil testing and analyzed for nutrient deficiencies allows AgTechLogic to create custom blends for growers designed to maximize their crops potential.

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