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The return on investment is generally under 2 years. How many investments do you know that pays for itself after a handful of months of ownership? Why spray every square foot of your field if you don't have many weeds out there? Quickly and easily transform your existing spray equipment and see the savings roll in.

Intelligent precision spraying can be installed on most any type of prayer and can be used in large crops, orchards, vineyards, row crops, cotton, railway, and other municipalities.

Get the most accurate, fastest and easiest to use weed detection and elimination technology available.

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With Intelligent Precision Spraying

Ready to save on herbicides, fuel, resources and time? With our intelligent precision spraying systems, you can retroFIT ANY existing spraying equipment, and immediately convert it to an intelligent precision spraying system within a matter of days. Share some insights below, and we will reach back out and start the process of calculating your ROI.

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We are here to support farmers and municipalities in their quest for improving quality of their land. Our Lead Agronomist and entire team are ready to provide customized recommendations and solutions.

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