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Agriculture is undergoing an evolution - and AgTechLogic is positioning itself in becoming a vital part of the shift, with its omni-focused approach in enhancing, researching, and developing innovative solutions within the AgTech industry. Creative precision agriculture services to address the industry challenges today and new innovations to protect the future of farming.
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Innovative Weed Management Precision Spraying

AgTechLogic provides precision agriculture technologies designed to create healthier soil and crops while providing cost effective options for farmers and municipalities to combat weeds, which are currently one of the greatest contributing factors in negatively impacting the sustainability of land. Our current precision spot spraying systems utilize the most accurate weed detection and elimination technology.

Advanced sensor technology detects weeds from living crops, sprays only the weeds, saving farmers up to 90% on chemical usage. Effective weed detection and elimination is becoming increasingly important in today’s growing environment with less precipitation, limitations on herbicide usage and resistant weeds.


The AgTechLogic Timeline


Founding company TAB AG created, combining experiences from agronomy, engineering and business management. Initial biochar research begins. Organic fertilizer blends launched.


Company created a multi-channel approach to improving farming through sustainable resources including weed management, water conservation, seedling management & advisory services.


Precision Spot Spraying technologies offered to farmers and municipalities through the southwest. Partnership with the University of Arizona for Bio-Char Research & Water Conservation begins.


Design of first custom multi-crop precision sprayer begins. Data research and precision agriculture optimization studies commence.


TAB AG rebrands as AgTechLogic and adds more advanced technology systems for Agriculture. Research & Development team created to advance precision agriculture technologies, including AI and Autonomous solutions.


Begins design of GEN-2 Intelligent Precision Spraying systems. Trademark's its RetroFIT & Go system.

The Latest News

More Profit for Growers with IPS Solutions

July 22, 2022 - Mesa, AZ –With inflation at a 40-year high, gas prices at historic levels, a limited supply of herbicides, and farm workers in short supply, growers continue to be hit with ongoing challenges to keep their businesses in operation.

More Profit for Growers with IPS Solutions

Sustainably Creating Healthier Crops and Soil at the Southwest Ag Summit (SWAG) 2022

On Monday February 21st, the AgTechLogic team descended upon the Southwest Ag Summit (SWAG) held in Yuma Arizona, the region's premier agricultural industry show. World renowned experts presented on topics such as weed management, crop protection, energy conservation, and irrigation management.

Sustainably Creating Healthier Crops and Soil at the Southwest Ag Summit (SWAG) 2022

The Farm – Supplier Partnership

The speed of technological advancements in agriculture is accelerating. But these new materials and technologies are becoming available at a much faster speed than the industry can reasonably absorb, which creates one complicated problem.

The Farm – Supplier Partnership

Glyphosate Prices Soar As Much As 300%, And That’s If You Can Even Get It

From nitrogen to glyphosate, prices are posting 100% to 300% increases right now.

Glyphosate Prices Soar As Much As 300%, And That’s If You Can Even Get It

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