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Investor Relations

AgTechLogic is seeking investors that share our passion for organics, and who want to join us in providing innovative solutions to the organic farming industry.

​Our unique business model provides an opportunity to reduce supply chain costs, increase revenue in growing markets and improve asset efficiency.

​We are pioneering a synchronized process to combine organic soil enhancements & fertilizers with proprietary technology to allow farmers to more effectively manage their crops and streamline the process of converting from conventional farms to organic.

​Our reputable AgTechLogic team & advisers represent decades of experience within the agronomy, agri-business, organic farming, technology, engineering, business strategy & government affairs industries – yielding a balanced and focused approach to the growth of our business.

​We are in the business of making things grow, and we invite you to join the momentum in watching your investment grow just the same.

​Please contact Investor Relations for more information at:

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