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AgTechLogic investment opportunities are proudly offered for a limited time. The AgTechLogic team & advisers represent decades of experience within the agronomy, agro-business, organic farming, technology, engineering, business strategy & government affairs industries – yielding a balanced and focused approach to the growth of our business.


Advancing the Future of Farming

Intelligent Precision Spraying

Fast Growing Sector

AgTechnology is one of the fasted growing investment sectors globally. With increased environmental regulations, global supply chain issues, food and resource shortages – now, more than ever – are we needing to invest in technology to transform the way we farm.

Need for Chemical Reductions

With glysophate costs up over 300% this year, and continued shortages, the need to conserve is more vital than ever. With drastic reduction in chemical use, farmers can greatly expand their usages.

Solutions for Operational Costs

Farm labor worker costs are increasing at a high rate, while growers are still having difficulty sourcing labor.  Growers are needing to source ways to manage their crops smarter and more efficiently.

The AgTechLogic Timeline


Founding company TAB AG created, combining experiences from agronomy, engineering and business management. Initial biochar research begins. Organic fertilizer blends launched.


Company created a multi-channel approach to improving farming through sustainable resources including weed management, water conservation, seedling management & advisory services.


Precision Spot Spraying technologies offered to farmers and municipalities through the southwest. Partnership with the University of Arizona for Bio-Char Research & Water Conservation begins.


Design of first custom multi-crop precision sprayer begins. Data research and precision agriculture optimization studies commence.


TAB AG rebrands as AgTechLogic and adds more advanced technology systems for Agriculture. Research & Development team created to advance precision agriculture technologies, including AI and Autonomous solutions.


Begins design of GEN-2 Intelligent Precision Spraying systems. Trademark's its RetroFIT & Go system.

Sustainable Solutions are Vital to the Future of Farming


Amount of all pesticides/herbicides are used within agriculture throughout the US


Reduction of chemical use with precision spot spraying technology, also producing up to 50% savings in time


World’s population will increase by 2B by 2050, requiring a 60% increase in food productivity to feed them


Crop spoil when weed management is not implemented effectively

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