Armistead Farms

Orange Orchard - Mesa, Arizona

The History of Armistead Farms

The Armistead family has been in the citrus farming business since the 1920's when H. Thomas Armistead decided to plant citrus trees on desert acreage purchased in northeast Mesa. H. Thomas' interest in farming developed while he was employed by the University of Arizona Experimental Farm, which was located on the corner of Alma School Road and Main Street in Mesa, Arizona. With the help of his 12 year old son, Lawrence T. Armistead, they worked the desert soil, cleared the desert foliage, and prepared to plant a new citrus grove.

Armistead Farms Organics, LLC produces Navel oranges, Valencia oranges, Arizona Sweet oranges, White and Ruby Red grapefruits, and lemons. This 4th generation run family farm is currently managed by brothers Ryan, Chris, and Kevin who oversee the nearly 300 acres of citrus in Mesa, Arizona.

"What would have normally taken us 500 gallons to cover, we did it with about 200 gallons."

- Kevin Mittendorf, Armistead Farms


Current Farm Manager/Owner Kevin outreached to AgTechLogic, requesting we present an opportunity for him to save on his chemical use. Kevin was interested in supporting and testing our Intelligent Precision Spraying technology to understand the savings and environmental benefits to the farm.

In collaboration with Armistead Farms, AgTechLogic retrofitted their existing self-propelled spray vehicle with the WEED-IT technology and instantly saw savings.

Kevin found the technology to be easy to use and realized the instant savings that he estimates to be about 80% reduction in chemicals. In addition, Kevin tells us that he dramatically reduced the time it took to spray because he did not have to return to the common area to refill and refuel as often and with the ability to spray at night, he was able to spray at times that were better for his schedule.

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