Intelligent Precision Spraying (IPS) is a weed detection sensor technology that applies chemicals only to the target area versus spraying continuously, allowing savings of up to 90% of herbicide use.

Quickly and easily installs on your existing sprayer, allowing you to experience immediate savings on herbicide, fuel, water and labor.


Herbicide Reduction

See savings in herbicide use, up to 90%, when spraying weeds. Conserve not only chemicals, but water, fuel, labor.


Spray day or night

The ability to spray day and night using WEED-IT provides better, affordable solutions allowing growers to spray and save on their own schedule.


control how you spray

By being able to select between three spray modes, broadcast, dual, or precision, target weeds on your own schedule.


accurate up to 15mph

Stay efficient when spraying with accuracy up to 15 MPH, adding flexibility in time and resource management.

See immediate savings in herbicide reduction and increase your profits.

Set the standards for precision spraying with effective weed detection and elimination.

It is more than just herbicide reduction. Learn how to improve your farm’s operations.

IPS provides solutions to municipalities and transportation sectors.


With our RetroFIT & Go integrations, AgTechLogic can convert almost any sprayer or equipment into a smart sprayer in a matter of days.

Our team of dedicated experts give you the right fit, every time, optimizing your equipment for maximum operation and efficiency.

Self Propelled

Orchard Sprayer

Ground Gliders


Quads & UTVs



With 3 different application modes, you have the control to spray optimally. Choose Spot Spray, Dual Spay or Broadcast and eliminate every kind of weed with the most efficient mode of spray.

In Precision mode, maximize your chemical sprayings and optimize your crop health by precisely targeting weeds in your fields, helping growers to efficiently use their resources.

Spray at higher rates, higher quality chemistry and maximize beneficial tank mixes.

In dual mode, WEED-IT can apply both a low application rate (like 30l/ha) full width and a higher rate (like 100l/ha) on every single weed detected, to target herbicide resistant weeds.

Control over/under spray, conserve chemicals where needed.

Broadcast mode acts as a normal sprayer, controlling the spray pattern and dosage, enhancing efficiency, ensuring that the target area receives the right amount of chemicals without over spraying.

Consistent rate, pressure and droplet size.


    How to Drastically Reduce the Amount of Chemicals Growers Use

    As an official WEED-IT Precision Spot Sprayer distributor, AgTechLogic continues to dedicate ourselves to providing innovative solutions to growers. Our Intelligent Precision Spraying (IPS) is a weed detection technology that applies chemicals only to the target area versus spraying continuously, allowing savings of up to 90% of chemicals annually.

    Our technology once again sets the standards for precision spraying. Effective weed detection and elimination is becoming increasingly important in today’s growing environment with less precipitation, resistant weeds, and the rising costs of herbicides.

    Intelligent sensors sample the ground 40,000 times per second searching for living plant matter up to speeds of 15mph. Ground speed is measured and will adjust application timing so that the target is within the spray pattern.

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    How does Intelligent Precision Spraying work?

    Our IPS technology can be built onto any type and brand of ground glider, trailed sprayer, quad, orchard sprayer, toolbar, self-propelled sprayer, and even autonomous sprayers with working widths up to 36 m. We provide complete customization and expert fabrication.

    The new WEED-IT refers to the four detection zones of every sensor, each accounting for 25 cm of the entire spray boom width. The extra small zones with improved optics make sure the system never misses any weeds. Whereas this additional accuracy is easily missed by the human eye, the new blue LED-lighting is not. Blue LED-lighting has proven to be more sensitive to weeds and less sensitive to background noise and thus more efficient compared to the red LED-lighting used to date.

    WEED-IT is a plant detection technology at applies chemical only to the target instead of spraying bare ground.

    Adding to the increased accuracy and efficiency is the new dual core processor for quick communication and high sampling frequency. This guarantees higher communication speeds that would be needed to enable VRA, weed and biomass mapping, and working with application maps in the future.

    ​Intelligent sensors sample the ground 40,000 times per second searching for living plant matter up to speeds of 15mph. The ground speed is measured and will adjust application timing so that the target is within the spray pattern.

    WEED-IT runs on a standard 12-volt system. The power is connected directly to the battery and runs to an interface box. The interface box does many tasks, one of them is to invert 12 volts up to 48 volts. A low voltage system suffers high power loss over large distances, so to overcome this WEED-IT inverts 12 volts to higher voltage levels so that power loss across large 120ft booms is minimized.

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    At AgTechLogic., we pride ourselves on top-notch customer service. Our team of experts are dedicated to assisting you with all your precision spraying needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Visit our comprehensive FAQ section for quick answers to common questions about our products, maintenance tips, and troubleshooting advice. For further assistance, our support team is always ready to help you achieve your precision agriculture needs.

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    “What would have normally taken us 500 gallons to cover, we did with about 200 gallons.”– Kevin Mittendorf Armistead Farms

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