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AgTechLogic Accepted into HudsonAlpha AgTech Accelerator

AgTechLogic was chosen for its advanced technologies created to combat labor shortages, drastically reduce herbicides usage, and ease effects of inflation.

During the 12-week program, AgTechLogic’s goal is to transform the way we farm and manage land to conserve natural resources, lower costs, farm smarter, and expand our global efforts to improve and increase our food supply.

Startups were recruited from around the world with each competing in a rigorous application and interview process. This first cohort was selected from among hundreds of applicants because of their strong performance in four key elements: team, traction, product/service, and market opportunity.

HudsonAlpha Agtech Accelerator

HudsonAlpha Agtech leverages HudsonAlpha’s deep experience in agriscience, specifically agriculture genomics, plant breeding, and crop diversity, with gener8tor’s national network of mentors and investors. The program invests in the best and brightest startups tackling the challenges of sustainably feeding and powering a growing planet.

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is a nonprofit institute dedicated to developing and applying scientific advances to health, agriculture, education, and commercialization. The state-of-the-art facilities co-locate nonprofit scientific researchers with entrepreneurs and educators. HudsonAlpha is a national and international leader in genetics and genomics research and biotech education and fosters more than forty-five diverse biotech companies on campus.


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We are here to support farmers and municipalities in their quest for improving quality of their land. Our Lead Agronomist and entire team are ready to provide customized recommendations and solutions.

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