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Committed to Improving the Farming Industry

AgTechLogic provides an integrated approach to the AgTech industry that combines existing precision agriculture solutions with development of cutting-edge technology to improve existing ag systems and impact complex global food supply chains.

Automated agronomy services to help farm managers maximize efficiency, reduce waste, control weed management and improve the predictability and control of crops with its sensor controlled weed management systems. With sustainable agriculture objectives and advanced development plans within the AI/ML and autonomous innovation platforms, AgTechLogic’s goal is to transform the way we farm to conserve natural resources, manage costs, and farm smarter.


Dedicated to Advance the Industry

Yes, we are proud of our technology: we are on the frontier of artificial intelligence, robotics, and data science. However, as farmers well know, technology isn’t enough on its own. We also bring deep operational, agricultural, and manufacturing expertise so we can help our grower customers at scale. We’ve designed our technology and business approach for seamless integration into a grower’s operations.

Justin Hoffman
Justin HoffmanChief Technology Officer
Martin Monkewicz
Martin MonkewiczVice President, Sales
Tony Case
Tony CaseAg Solution Consultant
Amy Koenig
Amy KoenigHead of Marketing
Ally Richards
Ally RichardsLead Research Biologist
Jordan Webb
Jordan WebbRegional Sales And Accounts Manager
Erik Barton
Erik BartonRegional Sales And Accounts Manager
Don Hiatt
Don HiattTechnology Advisor
Debbie Richards
Debbie RichardsAccounting
Dr. Jerry Miller
Dr. Jerry MillerSr. Soil Scientist & Advisor

The AgTechLogic Timeline


Founding company TAB AG created, combining experiences from agronomy, engineering and business management. Initial biochar research begins. Organic fertilizer blends launched.


Company created a multi-channel approach to improving farming through sustainable resources including weed management, water conservation, seedling management & advisory services.


Precision Spot Spraying technologies offered to farmers and municipalities through the southwest. Partnership with the University of Arizona for Bio-Char Research & Water Conservation begins.


Design of first custom multi-crop precision sprayer begins. Data research and precision agriculture optimization studies commence.


TAB AG rebrands as AgTechLogic and adds more advanced technology systems for Agriculture. Research & Development team created to advance precision agriculture technologies, including AI and Autonomous solutions.


Begins design of GEN-2 Intelligent Precision Spraying systems. Trademark's its RetroFIT & Go system.

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