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The speed of technological advancements in agriculture is accelerating. But these new materials and technologies are becoming available at a much faster speed than the industry can reasonably absorb, which creates one complicated problem.

Glyphosate Prices Soar As Much As 300%

From nitrogen to glyphosate, prices are posting 100% to 300% increases right now.

How Automation Transforms Farming

The development of agriculture was a watershed moment in humanity. Agriculture has moved us forward us so far in 12,000 years, but we are now at a turning point.

Why Grape Growers Are Turning to Biochar

Centuries of precedent, dating back to human prehistory, support the soil benefits of biochar. But it is the last two years that have really sold Doug Beck on the agricultural perks of terra preta, or the “dark earth.”

Benefits of Using Precision Farming

Farming is becoming more scientific, with remote sensing, GPS and data analytics all being added to farming equipment. Thousands of farmers all over are adopting the new equipment to make their farming more precise.

Review of Weed Failures

In keeping with the theme of 2020, a lot of things went wrong with weed control this year.

Between large weed seedbanks lurking on prevented planting acres, growing herbicide-resistance issues,

The Real Deal on Soil Health

“If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy,” says soil advocate, Holly Arbuckle… “In order to have nutrient dense food, [and healthy people] we need healthy soil.”

Calcium Supplements for Agriculture

For many farmers, agronomists, and soil scientists, the question of using calcium supplements on calcareous soils is simply mute.

Biochar Research Update

In 2018, we set up a pot-scale experiment in the greenhouse that involved mixing UA Campus  Agricultural Center (CAC) soil and manure with different application rates of Pacific Biochar 

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