Dr. Jerry Miller

Dr. Miller possesses degrees in Agronomy from Colorado State University, Soil Bioremediation from North Carolina State University and Microbial Degradation of Agricultural and Industrial Chemicals from the University of Arizona. He has operated a successful consulting business for over 15 years primarily working in agriculture with occasional projects in nursery management, landscaping and native plant revegetation. He has consulted with conventional and organic farmers all across the southwest. 

As a soil fertility expert, he supports current AgTeach research into, and operational moves toward, sustainability, renewability, and regenerative agriculture. This includes the use of microbial, i.e. living, fertilizers, composting, as well as other practices that increase the organic matter content of soil such as proper crop rotation, cover crops and reduced tillage.  

He has been a member of the Soil Science Society of America since 1996 and is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist as well as an Arizona Certified Sanitarian. He currently operates a certified water analysis laboratory in New Mexico for potability testing.